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The Power of Insulation
Thinking About Insulation Differently
Insulation is a proven means for conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing process productivity, providing a safer and more productive work environment, controlling condensation (which can lead to mold growth), supporting sustainable design technology, and a host of other benefits. It does all of this while providing a return on investment (ROI) rate that is seldom rivaled. Yet, insulation is often overlooked and its benefits undervalued. Insulation is truly the lost or forgotten technology. Can you think of a more important time than now to think about insulation differently?

A Proven Technology, Taken for Granted
Discussing the benefits of insulation is not an exciting topic to many people. An insulation system has no moving parts, gauges, or computer chips; it is often hidden from view; and its benefits are taken for granted. This leads many to seek alternative energy-conservation solutions that they think are more exciting or offer what they see as more quantifiable results. But those assumptions could not be further from the truth. A properly designed, installed, and maintained insulation system can provide shortand long-term benefits that exceed expectations, and the results are quantifiable.

Insulation—An Engineered Approach
An insulation system is a technology—one that needs to be engineered into and maintained throughout the entire process. It has been estimated that between 10 and 30 percent of all insulation that has been installed is now missing or damaged. This practice of not replacing or maintaining an insulation system in a timely and correct manner has led to the full benefits of insulation not being realized. In many cases, significant other issues—such as excessive energy loss, corrosion under insulation (CUI), mold development, increased cost of operations, and reduced process productivity or efficiency—develop.

Return on Investment and More
The power of insulation—its return on investment (ROI)—is no longer a mystery. There are software and assessment programs available that can calculate the amount of energy being saved with existing insulation systems or lost if the insulation is missing or damaged. They can also determine the potential dollar savings that can be obtained by upgrading an insulation system or replacing what is missing. These programs calculate the number of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions that could be prevented from release into the atmosphere, insulation thicknesses required for condensation control, personnel protection, surface temperatures, and the estimated ROI. The benefits of insulation are easily quantifiable in a timely manner.

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